June 9, 2018

"It's your birthday you deserve to be greedy haaaaan"

Even though Kanye is cancelled until further notice I still thought that quote was appropriate.
25. Quarter of a century. I can't think of other names for 25. 

A young thug has finally graduated to being an OG!
I've been joking with everyone that I don't have to worry about a quarter life crisis (the midway point to a midlife crisis, as you might have guessed) since I already had plenty meltdowns  + breakdowns from August - December.

I honestly didn't have any expectations for the day. I had worked the 6 days prior so I was just happy to sleep past 5AM + without an alarm, even if it was only until 8, HONESTLY!

Overall, it was a very chill day which I'm grateful for!

On the old blog (same name, not as consistent with my posts) I had this long checklist of things I wanted to do before I turned 25. For the most part I did everything. 

I think I'll make a fresh list of things in the coming days...weeks. 
Maybe 30 before 30?

The last 6 months have been great. Not just saying that, because I have no problem saying they've been horrible if they were.

I always joke with my friends and say "One day I'm going to grow up." I'm officially at a "grown up" age. 
In the last 6 months I've done some pretty grown up things. 
  1. Gotten my own car insurance.
  2. BOUGHT A WHOLE CAR! (From this decade, I'd like to add. I freaked out because I didn't have to get emissions done this year!)
  3. Started making payments on a student loan before it's due.
  4. Started "investing" money into my 401k
  5. Filed my taxes as an independent.
  6. Made the decision to try and live a "minimal lifestyle" (So I'm in the process of trying to give away + sell the majority of my stuff. I hate clutter.)
  7. Taken a good bit of solo vacations (all except 2, 1 wasn't a vacation, it was a trip to Baltimore for my sister's graduation. )

Not to toot my own horn but, 
  2. I'm low key rocking this adult thing.
To some this may not be much or  some people might say " well some people have been doing that since they were 18." Who cares! That's fantastic for them! It's a big deal for me!

I think my favorite thing about birthdays are the cards.
Fun fact: I keep EVERY SINGLE birthday card I've been given over the years.I think the oldest one is from my 15th birthday.

Cheers to another trip around the sun + enjoying all the rest of the festivities this month!
Why am I holding these roses like they're my first born child?

Cakes on the menu, literally.
(*raises eyebrows like a creep*)

If you wear the dress to a gala and nobody sees it, did you even wear it?

Pro-tip: Buy the roses in the clearance section. They're a third of the price and die just as fast. Cut the stems at an angle if you want them to last a little longer.

At this point, the balloons were getting on my nerves. If may look like I'm holding the 5 but I was really mid-slap.

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