ICU Charting Made Easier...Organized!

November 12, 2020


We're 4ish months into my nursing career and I'll be sharing a monthly break down of how it's been going soon! But for now, I'll share these templates I created. 

Background: A few weeks into working I got frustrated with charting and organizing my thoughts. Working in an ICU you're constantly writing down and charting numbers - whether it's rate dose changes, urine output, tube feed intake, water flushes, you name it, you're charting it - because CYA!

Initially I started with traditional pen and paper but that wasn't enough. So after getting a feel for what we see on a daily/weekly basis I came up with these templates to organize the day. It allows you to chart hourly I's and O's in an organized manner. I also came up with a charting checklist which I know will vary based on hospital and charting system used. Finally, there is also a MAR template for day shift and night shift (I'll be switching to nightshift soon!)

I hope you guys find this helpful even if you're not working in an ICU! Charting can be a pain in the right butt cheek, so hopefully this takes away at least 1 stressor during the workday.

Happy Charting!


As always, thank you so much for reading, and I’ll talk to you guys soon!

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