June 27, 2018

Overalls have always been my jam!
These are baggy enough that I can still wear them in the summer without worrying about something tight clinging to my body. 

These days I really prefer loose-fitting clothing over things that show off my shape. I want to be as comfy as often as possible!

Overalls are multifaceted really. You can dress them up or dress them down. 
Also a bonus: you can wear overalls during any season.
I can't wait to pair this with a hoodie and some sneakers!

For now, I'm wearing these with a light t-shirt or crop top and sandals!

Find my overalls here!

Proof that I'm not new to this, I'm true to this overall game!


Giving you 90s college sweetheart + tomboy vibes!

Still haven't found whatever I'm looking for on the ground.

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