OOTD #10: Triple Stripes

July 10, 2018

Nkenna, the cute boy.
When I'm not at work the goal is to be as comfortable as possible, so basically looking like a teenage boy.
The "Nkenna, the cute boy" uniform: Joggers, T-shirt and sneakers.
The joggers I'm wearing are actually from the men's section.
Men's clothes are more comfortable in my opinion.
And cheaper, for whatever reason. 
Adidas always has the best sales and the cutest clothes that are multifunctional!
This pullover doubles as a rain jacket and is suuuuuper breathable!

Fun Fact: I actually wore this the day Nigeria played Argentina.
It was my "lowkey" festive outfit even though I have 2 jerseys...and they lost.

Cheers to the few days I have left dressing like a cute boy - Before I'm wearing scrubs + business casual attire all the time!

What is this pose? Taking the "cute boy" thing too seriously.

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