Boss + Bae May "Kyra" Box Unboxing

August 11, 2018

For a while, I was on a subscription box kick. I'm a proud RECOVERING product junkie.
That's not to say that I don't still enjoy subscription boxes!

Boss + Bae is completely new to me! It's always refreshing to find a well put together Black Owned Business!


Products included in this month's box:
  1. Becca Lov Leather Dangle Earrings 
  2. Pink Lemonade Essential Oil Diffuser Tassel Necklace 
  3. Natrogix Bliss Essential Oils in the scent: Lavender
  4. LVL Collective Love + Ritual Kit
  5. K Squared Nail Paint (Shade: Frosting)
  6. Level Naturals Organic Menthol and Lavender Shower Bombs
  7. Nicolet Beauty Matte Lipstick (Shade: Versailles)
My Thoughts:
  1. These earrings are very lightweight! I wore these out one night and didn't feel them at all.  Bonus: they're a neutral color and can go with any outfit.
  2. I like the necklace design however the diffuser concept bothers me a little bit. I feel like the oils would end up all over whatever I'm wearing that day. I'll probably just wear the necklace and oils separate! It's always nice to have colorful jewelry. I'm trying my hardest to wear necklaces and bracelets more often. I would recommend wearing this necklace as a layered look with a shorter necklace.
  3. Benefits of Lavender: reduces anxiety, improves sleep and relieves pain. This is my favorite "post-work" scent. I may end up adding this to some whipped shea body butter!
  4. I haven't used this kit yet. I've never been into sage or crystals but this really interested me. I was once given 3 crystals and I keep them in my wallet. I don't remember their meaning but they're very pretty.  I'm saving this kit for my new place. The rose quartz is simply stunning.  New home, new school, new adventures, new friends, new beginnings. Cheers to new everything.
  5. My go-to nail polish colors: Periwinkle, Alpine Violet, and Baby pink. I've never been into dark + vampy polish colors. I'm not allowed to wear fingernail polish during nursing school so I'll probably get back into painting my toes myself.
  6. These smell DIVINE! I always take hot showers so these are ideal year-round! It could be 105 degrees outside and I'd still be taking a hot shower. In fact, when I had the flu this year and felt like I was on fire, I still took a hot shower. Add the Menthol + Lavender and you have achieved a new level of relaxation. These are my treats for after stressful exams or stressful days at work!
  7. Berry or Gemstone lipsticks always look amazing on darker skin tones. This formula dries quickly, is date night approved (read as "when I kiss the back of my hand it doesn't rub off") and is very pigmented. I'd recommend pairing this with a brown or a plum lip liner to ease the transition between your face complexion and lips.
Cost of the subscription box:$49 + $7 flat rate shipping = $56
The true value of the box: $87

Overall, I think this month's box does a fantastic job of encompassing inner beauty and outer beauty. Everything listed in this month's box is very affordable! I was shocked when I realized that everything is a full size product. This subscription box is a steal! I think this month's box would be great for anyone whether you're a student or a working adult.

If you're thinking about trying out the box use the code: NKENNA15 for 15% your first subscription box purchase. 

You can find a more in-depth look at my initial impressions in my unboxing video down below:

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