The Seattle Art Museum

August 13, 2018

Hands down, this is my favorite museum! I love, love, love museums you can spend hours in. I really took my time when walking through this museum. So many beautiful pieces and well-curated exhibits. I'd suggest going in the morning and plan to spend the majority of the afternoon there.

The museum was packed but that didn't get in the way of seeing the art!
I even stopped a few times to listen in on guided tours. I never do the guided tours because I'm impatient (acknowledging your toxic traits is the first step to recovery, EL OH EL).
I was so excited to see pieces from artists I've previously heard of or only seen in books!

This museum is within a reasonable walking distance of many of the activities and locations I've blogged about in Seattle. I barely used Uber while I was in Seattle! It's a very walking friendly city. 

Tickets for students are $14.95 and $24.95 for adults.
Once I was done walking around the museum I definitely felt like I got my money's worth.

I loved all the African Art and the Native American art. I honestly don't think that I've seen Native American art anywhere other than at this museum.
Representation really does matter.

If I had to pick my favorite style of art it's definitely modern + contemporary art!
When the time comes I'll probably fill my home with all types of African + Contemporary art. 

Overall, this is somewhere I 'd most definitely visit again! I just looked at the website and saw there's a Basquiat exhibit that ends today. I love the mix of cultures in this museum. It's always amazing to go to museums in different states and see what cultures influence the museum collections. 

Mops made beautiful.

Things to add to the reading list.

The Italian Room.
My next trip has to be to Europe, a Europe tour.
2 weeks minimum.

I wrote "Police Brutality".

Favorite piece! Kerry James Marshall is so talented!

This exhibit was amazing!!!

We used to have a replica of this mask in our childhood home! I had one in my apartment senior year of undergrad. I'm not sure where it is now.

One time for the culture!

Can you imagine having to wash all these dishes? 

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