Bartaco - West Midtown

September 24, 2018

What I ordered (from top to bottom):
  1. Crispy Rock Shrimp - I'm still not a fan of fried shrimp and yet I keep ordering it. This was fried shrimp tossed in a cilantro + cabbage type of slaw. There was also a creamy white sauce that I couldn't quite pinpoint.
  2. Glazed Pork Belly - THIS, THIS RIGHT HERE! From now on, this is all I'm ordering at Bartaco. It's all I'm recommending to my friends when we go. It was so good, I ordered 2 more after I ate everything pictured above. The pickled red onions were a really nice touch. If I could only eat onions in pickled form for all eternity I wouldn't have any complaints. The pork belly was very juicy and crispy! Very well seasoned! it was the perfect mix of savory and sweet!
  3. Sesame Ribeye -The kimchi was really good! This was my second time having kimchi and I'm not mad at it. The taco was just ok though. Is it weird that I liked the vegetables more than the meat? I couldn't really taste the sesame sauce.
  4. Chicken Pastor - this was slightly spicy and super saucy! I really liked the pineapples, it balanced out the spice.
  5. Grilled corn - I asked for this off the cob. This is my favorite street corn I've had thus far! I didn't feel like ordering a salsa or queso so this was my "go-to".

The menu!

Overall: This is a nice chill spot! I see it as like a Chick-Fil-A of tacos for me! I've never really been into Taco Bell (I've only been twice) so this is great! I do wish that the tacos were a little bit cheaper. Your tab can add up QUICK! it took 6 tacos and corn for me to be full. I'd say eat a hefty breakfast or lunch before visiting. Almost everything was seasoned to perfection and they really pack those little tacos full! And I'll be honest, I was only full because I forced myself to drink that whole carafe of water to resist from ordering a third batch of tacos. My food came out lightning fast each time I ordered! It was a nice little study break/ solo dinner and I hope to visit more often!

The inside of the restaurant.
Getting all types of California beach house vibes.

My order card!

Because I'm a hungry growing child: I ordered 2 more of the glazed pork belly tacos. I really tried to exercise some self-control and save them for my lunch.
I was unsuccessful.

The ginger grapefruit agua fresca: sooooo refreshing! I should have asked for a refill instead of trying to ration it out.

On my first visit, they asked, "Is it your first time here?" My friend and I said yes and they gave us tokens for 1 free taco. I FINALLY redeemed it.
The spread from my initial Summer 2017 visit!

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