OOTD #23: Don't Be Glum Sugar Plum

October 26, 2018

Maybe I've said this here, maybe not: Purple is my favorite color. 
Surprisingly, I don't own many purple things. The few items that I do own make me feel like some graceful princess who has it all together.
Spoiler alert: I don't have it all together, I'm very clumsy and I was only a "princess" once because I won a pageant, many years ago.

I wore this during a nursing convention to 2 events: Meet the Candidates and a Caucus.
I usually don't wear dresses because dresses are tricky territory for me. 
I needed something that came to the top of the knee and was still cute + "business casual". 
Lucky for me, I found this gem!
It fit like a glove and is made of a quality thick material, which is ideal during these transition months where you never know if you're going to get summer or the artic tundra.

In the future, I could see myself pairing this dress with boots, a statement necklace and maybe even a vest?

Find my dress here!

The dress in action at "Meet the Candidates"!

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