Nursing School Semester 2: Week 4 + 5 + 6

February 15, 2019

Week 4
  • Campus clinical got canceled this week due to the building filling up with smoke. It's rescheduled for 2 weeks from now to a day where I made early morning plans but busy days make the semester fly by!
  • Apple cinnamon oatmeal has been SAVING me. I'm down to my last packet. I need to load up before my next exam on Tuesday.

  • Ordered a ton of supplemental study materials for Med-Surg and NCLEX. I'm hoping they help further "evolve my nurse brain".
  • Speaking of schedules - I somehow managed to overschedule myself 3 ways on Friday. Wasn't fun at all once I realized it. Ended up having to skip out on a summer externship fair - I was really hoping to secure a 2nd externship in the ER. 
  • The seniors all lied. The second semester is not easier. Fewer classes with more work. Some might even say, excessive amounts of busy work. 
  • Working and not leaving completely exhausted is a major win. 
  • So many distractions. SO. MANY.
  • I think I want to budget for Plated or restarting my "Hello Fresh" Subscription again. I just want something that I will truly enjoy. The main problem with Hello Fresh was that I overestimated how much I could eat so food ended up going bad because I couldn't cook it in time. I also felt like the food was very bland. I almost wish they could send excess seasoning packets. 
  • On the hunt for a second planner. The planner I have now doesn't have enough writing space to accommodate all the things I SHOULD BE DOING on a daily basis. Thank God for GroupMe and reminders from friends.
  • I can always tell I'm getting into "school mode" when I start to feel guilty for doing leisure activities. It's like an achievement - a reward system. Achievement = Pass another semester. Reward = relax. It's a vicious cycle that may or may not be leading to me burning out. 

Week 5
  • Another chill week of clinical. Hard to believe that in 3 weeks I'll be done with mental health clinical.  I'll have 4 day weekends which means more time to study and work!
  • PrepU's are a pain in my left butt cheek. So much time spent on something that counts for 2% of your grade. I'm still gonna do them though.

  • FINALLY starting to get organized! I'm not sure what it is but I got a sudden burst of energy and urgency to get my life together.
  • I'm trying something old out and hoping for the best. When I was at UGA I would write on sticky notes things to do and only take them down once the task was completed.  I hang up an obnoxious amount to the point that I'm uncomfortable looking at them so it encourages me to get things done. It sounds wild, I know, but it's effective.

  • I bought some frozen dinners that are intended to feed a family of 4 to space out over 3- 4 days. Not quite the meal prepping I initially had in mind but it's a step in the right direction.
  • Working 2 12s (on night shift) in a row for the first time during nursing school. We'll see how this goes!

  • For whatever reason, I always get the best ideas for side hustles in class. I need to start bringing an "idea notebook" to school with me to avoid going down rabbit holes.

Week 6
  • This week has been a blur. Where does all the time go? I need more hours in the day.
  • Last weekend exhausted me. It's hard to say if I like night shift better. I'd have to invest in blackout curtains and strategically plan my sleep before I could make a real decision. I will say, you do significantly less on night shift, on my floor.
  • Finally got another big burst of energy to get my life together. Let's hope I can keep that same energy for these next 10-11 weeks. 
  • 2 more weeks until Spring break!
  • Mental health clinical is coming to an end and I'm honestly pretty sad about it. Our clinical adjunct is great and it's my favorite class this semester.
  • Speaking of favorite classes: it's true when you hate a class you have to study harder for them because you have zero interest. Lucky for me I dislike 2 classes this semester - Med-Surg and Older Adult.
  • In campus clinical this week we learned all about NG tubes and Trachs. Interesting stuff and further confirmation that I enjoy hands-on learning more than sitting in a classroom for 8 hours being talked to. 

  • When you realize you get 3 months off for summer vacation :
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This semester is flying by and I'm all for it! Just gotta power through and stay organized. 
Happy Friday!

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