May 9, 2018

Now that the semester is finally over I can celebrate:

I was accepted to nursing school!

I start this fall and I am incredibly excited for this new journey.

A few months ago I was talking to a friend about my frustration and fatigue with this whole process of applying to school. May 8th (YESTERDAY!!!) was the 3 year anniversary of me graduating from UGA. When I graduated I had this master plan. As you'll learn, I'm a planner. I plan EVERYTHING.

Back to the grand master plan:

  • Complete a post-bacc in 1 year.
  • Ace my MCAT
  • Get into medical school
  • Travel
  • Complete an Emergency Medicine residency.
  • Finally buy a new car and retire my loyal 2005 Honda Accord.
  • Use my Youtube platform to mentor young pre-meds.
  • Get involved in medical journalism
You get the idea.

I was tired of taking classes that I KNEW I would never use again; Physics, Organic Chemistry and  Calculus, I'm talking about you.

I've always been the person who was open to most things in the healthcare profession. If it wasn't healthcare then I was going to end up doing Digital Broadcast journalism.

I know what I do and do not like. Basically I was cool with being a Doctor, PA or a Nurse. With my first Emergency Department Scribe job I strictly worked with Physicians. So as you can imagine that influenced me to apply for medical school because I only worked with them. Also insert heavy influence from Nigerian parents.

 Fast forward to  August of 2017 when I started working in a Pediatric Teaching Emergency Department and I'm now working with Physician Assistants, Nurse Practitioners and Physicians.  Working with more people allowed me to get more insight.

By August all my medical school applications had been submitted and I was beginning to receive secondary applications. Pay special attention to the part about me patiently waiting. Special emphasis on the word patient.

Fast forward a little more to the end of Fall semester 2017. I decided to take a break. Fall semester was rough for a multitude of reasons and something had to change, QUICKLY. I decided to change my course load. If I took a real break and just worked I wouldn't go back to school. I know myself, I need to knock it all out at once. I was on track to only take OChem 2 with lab for Spring semester 2018. Instead, I decided to take:
  • Abnormal Psychology
  • Anatomy and Physiology 2 + Lab
  • Microbiology + Lab
  • Art Appreciation (3 nursing schools I applied to wouldn't accept my humanities credit from my first  degree.)
Taking  6 classes was my idea of a break, EL OH EL.

The previous summer (Summer 2017) I took Anatomy 1 + Lab and really enjoyed it! For the first time in a loooooong time I enjoyed a science class.

Although I had a lot on my plate this semester I never once felt like I was on the verge of a break down. I truly enjoyed going to class. I laugh now but this is actually terrible: In past semesters I struggled to get out of bed and go to my 8AM classes. So much to the point that my boyfriend at that time would call to wake me up in addition to my alarms. This semester  I was late a whopping total of ONCE, and that was work related so really it doesn't even count.

I finished this semester with 3 A's and 3B's all while working at 3 hospitals and still being somewhat involved on campus and in the community.

3 seems to be a good number for me.
  • 3 years post undergrad.
  • 3 acceptance letters (1 medical school, 2 nursing)
  • 3 jobs.
  • 3 siblings.
I'll add more when I think of more lol

The major selling points or moment of clarity for me : ( I love lists if you can't tell)

  •  The coursework builds upon itself and I'm not just taking random classes to "weed" me out.
  • Work | Life balance
  • I was only applying to medical school because everyone else had always told me "You should be a doctor" or "I think you'd be a great physician." I was also under the impression that If I'm the Doctor, I'm the boss of everyone and nobody can talk down to me. With some maturity and much-needed guidance from mentors and older siblings, I know that I can be a leader in any profession I choose.
I never thought I'd say this, but this period of learning to be patient has been nice. My patience needed some work. I'm an instant gratification kind of gal. So I was really suffering from all the waiting I did this year.

  • Waiting to hear back after medical school interviews.
  • Waiting for my MCAT score.
  • Waiting to hear back from nursing schools.
  • Waiting for secondary applications for Medical school.
SO. MUCH. WAITING. Waiting and uncertainty. 2 things that make me extremely uncomfortable.

For the first time in a long time I really feel like things are looking up. Things seem to be working out in my favor.  I'm finally "coming into my own," whatever that means lol.  (Is it proper blogger etiquette to say lol? Should I say *chuckles delicately in head*?)

When I think about this semester all I can do is smile.

This is the first summer since 2015 that I have a free summer. No school. Read that THREE TIMES (See what I did there.)


 Outside of work, sleep, eat ice cream, brunch, catch up with friends, make new friends and spend as much time as possible in my bathing suit, I have no idea what to do with this new found freedom.

Actually, that's false. I'm going to be getting ready for school (reviewing A&P in preparation for Patho|Pharm) and applying to every scholarship possible.

I know I already said this but I'm excited for this new adventure. It's going to be a good one!

Here's a little mini photoshoot I had for "The Big Reveal", Enjoy lol

(The look of regret when you should have gotten this hoodie in a Large or XL. Forever wanting to wear clothes that are too big for me.)

(I'm not sure why boys do this stupid pose but it's funny to me lol)

(I made dis! Very proud, so proud!)

(Extra cheese.)

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