May 15, 2018

The Brunch Bandit strikes again!

Being the creature of comfort that I am, I don't like to get too adventurous when traveling. If I've never had it at home, vacation is not the time to try it. With that being said, I usually order Chicken and Waffles if nothing else on the menu jumps out at me.

This is easily top 3 best chicken and waffles I've ever eaten. I'll compile a list at an undisclosed date in the future (suspense makes the heart grow fond.).

All of the brunch menu items actually sounded tasty! So tasty I ALMOST wanted to step out of my comfort zone.

What I ordered:
  •  Drink of choice: Cranberry Aperol Spritz
  • Side of bacon, because I'm a growing child.
  • Chicken and Waffles (came with all of the things listed below) served with Bourbon maple syrup.
  • Sausage gravy (I didn't eat this. As much as I hate wasting food, I've never been a fan of gravy. I'll tolerate it when I have to.)
  • Scrambled eggs with cheese (they used some kind of fancy cheese, I should have asked what it was!)

I never quite understood when people said "It's 5 o'clock somewhere." Why would anyone want to consume alcohol so early in the day? (Outside of mimosas, of course.) That was until I tried the Cranberry Aperol Spritz. Holy YUM! The barista mixed this drink to perfection. This is a drink I would recommend to a friend who doesn't like drinking because of the taste. This didn't taste like gasoline mixed with nail polish remover. I had to stop myself from ordering a second one because I still had a full day of exploring to do.

The waffle alone made me fall in love. There were bacon chunks IN THE WAFFLE! I was pleasantly surprised because I didn't read the menu description in its entirety because let's face it, how fancy can you get with Chicken and waffles? Looking back, I definitely wouldn't have ordered the side of bacon because that was a little excessive.

In summary: my food arrived quickly, very calm atmosphere and everything tasted "A1" as the kids like to say.

If I lived in Seattle this would be the spot I took all of my friends that came to visit.

If you're ever in Seattle, definitely pay them a visit!

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