Bond Street Social

May 25, 2018

Chicken and Waffles again, are you surprised?

Last weekend after taking my sister's graduation photos we explored Baltimore and went for Brunch before my flight. 

Bond Street Social is located on the water;  ideal for warm days when you want to eat and then walk off all the food you just ate.

We didn't get to enjoy the view until after we finished eating. There was a 1 hour wait but I needed to be at the airport in 1 hour. So ultimately we ended up eating at the bar. 

I didn't really have a big appetite that Sunday morning but my sister's sorority sister ordered the Doughnut with white chocolate raspberry frosting and we split it.  (It came with 3)
This was sooooo good! Think Krispy Kreme Hot and Ready with warm raspberry jam.

 To drink I ordered the Mango mimosa. In hindsight, I should have gone with my first option of the pink lemonade mimosa.  The mango mimosa tasted like watered down soda.

The chicken and waffles came with creamed green beans, which makes it more brunch than breakfast. I expected well seasoned green beans in an actual thick sauce of some sort. Instead, the green beans were in heavy cream. No seasoning. Small chunks of green beans in cream, underneath the waffle. I thought the green beans were in milk at first. I think I ate 2 or 3 chunks and pushed the rest aside. The chicken was kind of bland. I like for everything to stand alone in a meal. Everything should taste great by itself. In this case, the chicken needed the waffles and the syrup. The waffles came with the syrup + gravy mixture already on it. I kind of wish it came on the side because this made the waffles a bit soggy and I don't like too much syrup on my waffles. 

Overall, the place was busy. It seems like the cool hang out spot for young people.

I wasn't a fan of the food. It had potential. Not somewhere  I would seek out if I ever went back to Baltimore. 

This is filed under Good Eats even though I didn't particularly enjoy this visit.  Good Eats sounds better than "Food Reviews by Nkenna".

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