OOTD #4: Bonita Applebum, You Gotta Put Me On

May 24, 2018

Being a tall girl, it's a struggle to find acceptable jeans. For the longest, I only wore Forever 21 and H&M jeans. Forever 21 jeans fit the waist but were never long enough.  H&M jeans fit perfectly but the mall by my house is extremely overshopped, so 
  1. My size was never in stock
  2. When I looked online the styles  + sizes were never in stock.

 The process was frustrating.

One day while having a casual conversation with my sister she recommended Levi's jeans.  She told me:

  1. They're high quality.
  2. They last a long time.
  3. They're tall girl friendly.
As usual, my siblings never disappoint. 

I should note that I am very frugal. Read and pronounce as cheap.

I saw the price of the jeans and I was immediately discouraged. I was used to buying jeans for $8-20.

Again my oldest sister assured me that they were worth the investment!

Lucky for me, there's an outlet by my house and they were having a pretty decent sale on jeans. 

Also, my oldest sister had just gifted me a gift card for helping plan + decorate her baby shower!

I ended up buying 4 pairs.

I tried on so many pairs of jeans it was ridiculous. I finally figured out my perfect measurements! (28 inch waist, 32-34 inches long)

The jeans have great stretch! I've lost a good bit of weight in the last few months (14 pounds to be exact.) I bought these jeans in October, so almost at the beginning of my weight loss. Even with losing all that weight, they still fit like a dream in May!

Bonus: I don't have to wear a belt with any of these jeans. They hug my body! It's actually a struggle finding clothes that accommodate your waist, butt, and thighs. 

Overall, they look good, feel good and make me feel like my old sassy self!

The ripped denim and black jeans are tied for my favorite! The black jeans give me 90s honey dip vibes. And as we all know, I'm obsessed with all things 90s. 90s romance, music, 1993, all of it!

Find the black jeans here!

Super Bonus: Jeans are on sale right now! 30% off with the code May30

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