Frankie & Jo's

May 15, 2018

If you would have told me 4 months ago that I would have thoroughly enjoyed vegan + plant based ice cream, I would have:

  • Called the police.
  • Given you a stank face.
  • Told you to get out of my face with that nonsense.
  • All of the above, in that exact order.
Well, I'm here today to tell you that I, Nkenna Rose, love vegan + plant based ice cream.

The ice cream is made from cashew milk, so all you lactose intolerant people who refuse to comply + buy lactaid pills, you're in luck! The nostrils of the people you love are also in luck!

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I think my new thing is going to be trying ice cream wherever I travel. I'm on the prowl for the best ice cream. So far it's a tie across the board. I've never met an ice cream I  purchased that I didn't like.

Even in 30 degree Seattle weather I still opted for ice cream.

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I visited Frankie & Jo's after a long day of walking around and exploring. I was lucky enough to have dodged the rain + snow.

I visited the Capitol Hill location, the flagship store, on East Union Street.

The shop wasn't crowed and everyone was so sweet! I sampled a few flavors and finally decided on my 2 favorites.

What I ordered:
  • Beet Strawberry Rose (One of the everyday sorbet flavors.)
  • California Cabin (One of the everyday menu flavors.)
Description of the flavors:

This combination was so random but was magically delicious together. 

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Definitely my kind of sweet flavors. As I get older, I can't tolerate sweet things like I used to. I'd like to think of this as grown and sexy ice cream; it's a mature (pronounce muh-tour) ice cream shop.

I typically hate beets, but the rose water + strawberries balanced it out. Although I didn't taste the salt, I know from baking that salt enhances sweet flavors when in combination  (sprinkle a delicate amount of salt on your chocolate chip cookies the next time you bake. Thank me later.).

California cabin made me want to plan a girls cabin trip where I order  everyone their own pint.  Definitely reminds me of the holiday season! As the name suggests, it has a very smoky flavor. Think:  Smoky airplane (Delta) cookies in vanilla ice cream.


Immediately after I finished eating I :
  1. Texted my oldest sister who is also a lover of all things Ice cream.
  2. Wanted more.
  3. Wanted to know how I can transport multiple tubs of this ice cream + sorbet back to Georgia.
Bonus points: Fresh waffle cones. I've been bougie ever since I tasted fresh waffle cones. I lied, I was bougie long before that.

Overall, visiting Frankie & Jo's again is at the top of my to-do list for when I go back to  Seattle. I've even considered ordering a few pints online, it's that good.

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