Mama's Boy

May 15, 2018

I gave myself the self-dubbed nickname of the brunch bandit because

  1. I'm all about that action. I don't wait around for people to give me cool nicknames lol
But in all seriousness, I wasn't serious about my brunch game until AFTER undergrad because:

  1. Help me, I'm a poor college student.
  2. I didn't have a car until after I graduated.
  3. Athens cycles through restaurants like crazy. Out of the many restaurants in Athens, I can only think of 2 that are dedicated to your brunch needs (J. Christopher's and Mama's Boy)
Mama's Boy is an Athens gem. Anytime I go back to Athens I have to eat there.  The food is so simple but they do it well.

I was low-key devastated on graduation day when the wait time was so long that I would have been late to my college convocation, so I opted to eat at a chain restaurant instead.


A tell-tale sign that I REALLY love you : If I've taken you to Mama's Boy.

My signature combo:  Mill town Breakfast Plate
  • Two eggs cooked to your satisfaction (scrambled with cheese)
  • Cheese grits (creamy goodness! If you've never had grits, this is the place to try them)
  • Thick cut bacon  (no explanation necessary)
  • A buttermilk biscuit (easily my favorite biscuits! you could probably get full just from their biscuits. They're incredibly tasty on their own, or if you're feeling saucy, with their homemade jelly.)
  • Drink of choice: FRESHLY made strawberry lemonade. There are chunks of strawberries in your lemonade. It's so tasty I have to set it aside until my food gets to the table else I'll guzzle down 78524 cups and be full before my food arrives.
I've also tried their Georgia Peach French Toast, sans the whipped cream and candied pecans. I'm pretty sure I still ordered a biscuit because :
  1. I'm greedy.
  2. Refer to number 1.
Image result for goku eating gif

The French toast is also filling and nice to try if you're feeling adventurous.

Mama's Boy will forever be the people's champion. If you're ever in Athens, I strongly encourage you to check them out. The staff is always so friendly and everything is ridiculously cheap, considering the portion sizes.

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