May 28, 2018

Hi my name is Nkenna and I love burgers and fries.

Maybe it has to do with the lack of fast food I ate as a child. I'm not sure and I honestly don't care.  I looooove a good burger! Bonus points if there are sautéed onions and barbeque sauce involved. I digress!

I had only heard about In-N-OUT on movies, Tumblr, and from this kid in high school that was obsessed with California. People had always hyped the place up so my expectations were set high!

I visited California for the first time 3 years ago during the fall/winter of 2015! I've been there a total of 2 times in life. When I was in Texas this past week I contemplated eating IN-N-OUT again but decided against it.

I ordered:
  • Fries, animal style
  • The double double burger

 For me, it was just okay. There wasn't a wow factor. It's cool that they make the fries fresh. You can actually see them washing the potatoes and slicing them up as you order. Everything tasted fresh. Even with the onions and sauce, the fries still seemed bland. I literally said "This is what all the hype is about?" after I ate there for the first time.  It's not a place I would seek out. It's decent fast food but not somewhere I'd stress about visiting white traveling. I will say, if there was IN-N-OUT in Atlanta, I'd never eat Wendy's. They give you hefty portions so that's a plus!

Overall, IN-N-OUT is average. Go if you've never been. However, if I was a local, I'd eat here once every few months. I wish I could say it's like the Chick-Fil-A of the West coast, but that is a boooooold statement.

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