The Bagel Store

May 28, 2018

Does anybody remember Fanny Dooley?

Fanny Dooley loves ketchup but hates tomatoes.

Nkenna Rose loves cream cheese but hates cheesecake.
You see what I did there?

Disclaimer for the food police: I didn't tell them to put that much cream cheese. I actually ended up wiping a good bit of this off.

The bagel shop was on my list of places to eat after:
  1. Seeing it on the Food Network.
  2. Not finding many brunch places that sparked my interest.

It's your standard bagel shop. The shop has a variety of flavors for bagels and cream cheese. I opted for the rainbow bagel with good ole fashion cream cheese. You can also requested your bagel be toasted.

I wasn't able to place the exact flavor but the rainbow bagel had a slight fruity flavor.

There isn't much sitting room so plan to take it to go! We (My friend Sarah and I) got lucky and ended up waiting for our food so we were able to grab two seats.

Overall, It was average breakfast; makes for cute Instagram pictures.  This is a great option for someone who likes a light breakfast. I was still pretty hungry after eating this and ended up eating again not too long after.  If there was the option of turkey bacon with scrambled eggs + cheese THEN we'd really be talking. 

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