May 15, 2018

So there's this thing that I do...

and depending on who you ask, it's bad.

The thing: When I find something I like I have to completely engulf myself in said "thing" until I'm absolutely tired of it.

For the purpose of this post, JuneBaby is the thing. In the 72ish hours I was in Seattle, I ate at JuneBaby TWICE (it was that good y'all).

I'm a June baby so of course I thought the name was cute!

Their slogan is "Food with roots." I'm not even going to lie, immediately I was skeptical. The skepticism grew when I saw the menu.

 We are not even remotely close to the south, is this food even going to be good?

Both nights I ate at the bar, which I don't mind, especially when traveling alone.  Saturday night they were having a Texas BBQ special, which I low-key regret not participating in.

What I ordered: Fried Catfish
  • Catfish
  • Spinach
  • Geechie boy grits (whatever that means; I've seen this more than once.)
  •  Pickled cauliflower 
  • All placed over a  red sauce    

The only difference : Friday I ordered the Antebellum wheat buns + honey butter. Bread is my weakness, specifically:

  • Wheat
  • Potato
  • Oatmeal
On Saturday night I opted for apple pie that was just ehh. It was the only thing I wasn't too crazy about. Apple pie is in my top 3 desserts list. This apple pie was  unfortunately just ok, nothing to write home about.

The food was amazing. I had never tried Catfish before coming to JuneBaby so I'm glad they didn't "ruin" it for me. The grits were also cooked to perfection, this is coming from someone who is very particular about her grits. Everything was so flavorful! All the spices and ingredients married each other.

I would definitely go back for a third time when visiting Seattle in the future!

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