FIGS Scrubs

June 21, 2018

Believe the hype, these scrubs are the truth!

  1. Silky soft! They stay this way even after washing multiple times. I've had a pair for over 1 year and they're still incredibly soft. I wash my scrubs 2-3 times a week and they still look brand new.
  2. Wrinkle resistant! I've never had to iron these which is a sigh of relief.  It doesn't matter if you take them out of the dryer while they're still hot or leave them in the dryer for a few hours...days. They don't wrinkle!
  3. Stylish designs! I call my scrubs my "professional pajamas"! Theses are basically cute yoga pants.  I don't think they've come out with a design that I was reluctant to buy! The cuts are  very flattering and true to size.
  4. Deep pockets! I carry so many pens and supplies so it's nice to be able to fit everything I need for patient rounds without making multiple trips to the medication closet.
  5. Tall girl friendly!
  1. These scrubs are a little pricey! They're worth the investment however go ahead and prepare to pay $90-$100 for one set of scrubs. I will say, they have frequent sales and you can usually catch these scrubs on sale for 20% off. Around the holidays they have the best deals!

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