Giordano's Famous Stuffed Deep Dish Pizza

June 9, 2018

A moment of silence. 

Between this and going to the Chicago zoo, I'm not sure which I enjoyed more. 
Probably this.

Fun Fact: On the train to Chicago I watched "The Break Up" and  "Southside With You". Definitely didn't plan that. 

This was the best meal I had in Chicago. It actually made 2 meals so that's always a plus!

The wait was looooooong, so bring some snacks or something. I will say, it was more than worth the wait. This is the type of meal that you fast for 12-24 hours before so you can get your money's worth. Almost like Fogo De Chao, except you can take your leftovers with you here. 

Because the wait was so long we did order an appetizer! We got the Wisconsin Cheese Curds and honestly I wish we would have waited. They weren't that great and it made me a little hangry.  

What we ordered:
Famous Stuffed Deep Dish Pizza, Create Your Own:
  • Chicken
  • Sausage
  • Cheese
I always used to laugh at people who ate pizza with a fork and knife. I no longer laugh at people that eat pizza with a fork and knife. This can get messy so fast! The sauce on the top concept is so interesting to me for some reason. Nothing was burnt! 

The crust was so flakey! I'm not proud of this but: I usually hate eating the crust on pizza. I'll eat it, most of the time. No complaints this time! If the crust was flakey + buttery I would have fainted.

They weren't stingy with the "toppings" at all! After one slice I was already getting a little full. I ended up eating 2 slices that night. We took the rest to go and ate it for breakfast the next morning.

To this day, I still compare any new pizza place to this pizza. Nothing compares! 
Sorry New York.

Because I'm shameless, I could see myself planning a whole trip around this pizza. 
Main travel objective: Eat at Giordano's. Everything else is secondary. 

Before we left we did try to eat at one more pizza spot to compare what we liked best in Chicago but unfortunately we didn't have time. 

Overall, this is definitely a group activity! Split it multiple ways to make it cheaper. Pack some fruit snacks or raisins ( if you can't tell, I'm joking, nobody likes raisins.) for the long wait, you'll be happy you did.  This is so filling!  When I'm eating Papa Johns or Pizza Hut I can easily eat 4 slices and not be full. I almost tapped out after eating one slice from Giordano's. Next time I want to try one of their signature pizzas from the menu.

Every week they have a contest on Instagram to see who has the best "cheese pull" so I decided to press my luck.

Look at all this beauty. Name something more beautiful, I'll wait!

The Evolution of a cheese pull:

Nervous :  "This is going to make such a mess!"

Very nervous: "At any point now this thing is going to end up all over me, I should stop."

Initial excitement: "Ok, but why am I so good at this?"

Mission accomplished!

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