Shake Shack

June 14, 2018

I'm starting a new blog series: Battle of the Burgers

I tried Shake Shack while in NY on my standard weekend  trip. I guess I didn't get the full experience because I didn't order a shake. That's like going to IHOP...IHOB and getting chicken tenders. *shrugs* After seeing Lion King on Broadway we were ridiculously hungry and just wanted "simple" food. On vacation, I usually try to avoid chain restaurants that I know of and places that I can find when I'm in Atlanta. But most places were closed, Duane Reade was overpriced,  and starving wasn't an option.

What I ordered:
  • The smokeshack burger
  • Fries
  • Shack-made lemonade
There was a bit of a wait. This seemed to be the hot spot at almost 12 midnight. I can't really talk because we went and walked around at Forever 21 and H&M for an hour or so after we ate (mainly just to wait out the Uber surge).

I need the shack sauce, for reasons. I love secret sauces!  The peppers and bacon were a nice touch! The burger was simple but very fresh. The fries were just regular degular schmegular crinkle fries. Just salt. Nothing special.

The shack lemonade with good as well. Lemonade is hard to mess up. You can really only mess it up if you make it too sweet.

Overall, I would eat at Shake Shack again, but it's not somewhere I'd frequent on a regular basis. Next time I'd definitely get a milkshake and the burger alone. It's honestly just regular food with an upcharge. I will say, I'd eat here over McDonalds and Wendy's.

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