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June 15, 2018

*Maxwell loudly plays in the background*

Happy Friday friends! As you can tell from the majority of my posts, I like food. I like eating it, taking pictures of it, and writing about it. If I could have Guy Fieri, Barefoot Contessa or Pioneer woman's job I'd actually be in Heaven. Unfortunately, as you can tell from the title, this post has nothing to do with food.  

This post does deal with getting to know me a little bit better (nursing school wise)! 

Here we go!

  • Past medical experience? 
 Working in the Emergency Department at a rural acute care hospital for almost 3 years. I also work in a Pediatric Emergency room + teaching hospital as a scribe and at a Level 1 trauma center as a Forensics + Cardiac Medical Surgical Patient Care Technician.

  • How many nursing schools did you apply to?

  • Year in school?
1st year/Junior. (we're not counting the first degree, else I'd be a super  duper senior)

  • Nursing specialty interests?
  1. ICU
  2. Emergency Department
  3. Labor and Delivery 
  • Long term nursing career goals?
Become a CRNA. 

  • Favorite thing about the nursing profession or working in healthcare?
Conversations with patients and learning about medications. 

  • Thing that excites you the most about nursing school?
Clinicals and making new friends!

  • Thing that scares you the most?
The first exam.

  • You'll never catch me without?
  1. My glasses. They double as a splash guard. This has already saved my life once while at work. (not being dramatic)
  2. Pens! People like to steal these so I have to bring every pen + sharpie + dry erase marker I own to work.
  • Favorite pre-requisite?
Physics. *crickets chirp* KIDDING! Anatomy and Physiology 1. I can memorize in circles all day long! I also like knowing the proper names for things. Ex. I no longer say "reverse elbow". Instead I say "antecubital fossa/space." I also loved Microbiology. More specifically I loved the tail end of it when we learned about diseases + the pathogenesis of 141 diseases.

I also have 2 "Get to know me"/10 random facts about me videos up on my Youtube channel if you want to check those out as well! My channel is linked on the home page of the blog (little Youtube icon) or you can search "Nkenna Rose" on Youtube and you'll find me!

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