Boston Public Library

July 18, 2018

Visiting this library was the highlight of my Boston trip.

The architecture is incredibly STUNNING! (*whispers* Instagram picture hotspot)

I love finding study spots! The Boston Public Library looks like the ideal study location. I've never seen a library this large! It was incredibly busy but quiet! I love nothing more than peace and quiet. Seeing other people pursue their goals + being productive motivates me to be productive as well. 

In addition to visiting the study hall I also looked at a museum exhibit and walked around their cafe. 

On every trip  I took during the school year I made sure to bring homework with me. #multitasking
If I had known the weather was going to be miserable I would have just camped out at the library all day.

Admission to the Library is free and it's a nice way to pass time, even if you don't go to study or borrow books.

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