Ice Box Cafe

July 22, 2018

My last meal from my recent Miami trip!

For my friend Kendall's 24th birthday she was craving something sweet. The night of her actual birthday we grabbed dessert at Yardbird. While looking for dessert options we stumbled upon Ice Box Cafe's menu. Unfortunately for us, they were closed by the time we ventured out for dinner. We had our last meal of the trip here and lucky us, it was only 2 minutes away from our hotel!

When we went it wasn't very busy, 3 other pairs of guests. If was a beautiful evening, the restaurant is located right across from the water, so we opted to sit outside.

What I ordered:
  • Middle Eastern Style Shrimp
  • Deep Dish Apple Pie
I'm a creature of habit so I always try to order something safe. The Middle Eastern shrimp was a little bit of a wild card for me.  When I read the description on the menu the only ingredients I knew were Spinach and Shrimp.

Website description:
large shrimp, green charmoula, yellow lentil dal, tomato chutney, sautéed spinach and farro

All of the flavors of my meal came together in the best way! If I had to describe the lentil dal + farro, I'd say it reminded me of curried slightly undercooked rice. I was scared of the tomato chutney at first but once I accidentally tasted it on the spinach I made sure to scoop some up with every bite. My only complaint: I hate when I order shrimp and the restaurants leave the tails on. This wasn't a meal I should have been eating with my hands, but I did. A good bit of the shrimp was still in the shell and I wasn't going to throw it away for the sake of "looking lady-like"/"proper dinner table etiquette".

The apple pie was 100% disappointing. The top portion was still "mushy" and the whole thing tasted undercooked + like raw dough. There was nothing deep dish about this. After 2 bad bites, I ended up separating this and just eating the apples. The apples were very bland. I didn't think it was possible to butcher apple pie. Serving it without ice cream was only adding insult to injury.

Overall, my dinner entree was excellent. Even though I enjoyed my meal I don't think this is somewhere I'd return when visiting Miami in the future.

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