Derma E Vitamin C Brightening Mask

July 16, 2018

If you're new here, it's no secret that I have very sensitive skin. It's VERY difficult to find products that don't make me break out in hives or a contact rash. I tell everyone about Derma E because I've never met a product of theirs that I didn't like! Their products are affordable, they use natural ingredients that make you feel luxurious and they cater to sensitive skin! What's not to love?!

During finals week of Spring semester I tried out one of Derma E's new masks. Finals week can be stressful so it's always nice to have a little spa day to take some of the edge off. Even if it's just applying a mask and studying while it dries.

Benefit of Vitamin C: strengthens  and improves the elasticity of the skin. So this mask would be ideal for "seasoned"/aging skin.

First impressions:
  • You can definitely get 2 uses from 1 pack. If you do use it twice I'd say put it in the fridge and seal it in a Ziploc bag. I layered it on thick because I wanted to get the "full benefits".
  • If you don't layer it on thick it dries quickly!
  • I didn't notice any instant results after using this once. I'd definitely have to use it on a consistent basis to make a well informed decision or notice any changes in my skin. I did notice that after using this there were specks of glitter all over my face so it does create the "illusion" that my face is glowing and brighter.
  • My face did feel soft after using this and the next morning it felt even better!
  • This washes off very easily and has the consistency of a thick paste.
Overall, it's not something I would seek out because I didn't notice any instant results. I actually prefer masks that target white and black heads as well as oily spots. I do appreciate my skin being so soft the next morning!

The mask is .35oz, sold in a single pack and you can purchase online here!

All 3 of their new masks!

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