King of Pops

July 5, 2018

Things I'm always down to eat:
  1. Doughnuts
  2. Slushies
In the 4 years I was a resident of Athens, I never once tried King of Pops.
As you might have guessed, King of Pops is a Popsicle "boutique".
I visited their Atlanta location in Ponce City Market.
I had every intention to try a popsicle, but then I saw a bright pink beverage in a slushie machine and my mind was made up.

What I ordered:
  • Hibiscus Limeade
This drink was delicious and didn't leave that weird "raw" citrus feeling in my mouth after drinking it.
Next time I visit Ponce City Market I'll definitely try a popsicle.
They have so many flavors is almost overwhelming, in the best way possible. It makes you want to buy more!

The slushie is ideal for these hot Atlanta summer days when you want to be social + explore.

Bonus: You have the option to add alcohol to any slushie!
Super Bonus: You can find these at a variety of places! I just looked on their website and found out I can buy them at 2 Whole Foods stores nearby.

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