The Brooklyn Bridge

July 5, 2018

This is definitely a congested tourist attraction. We visited after eating breakfast (around 9AM) and there were still herds of people.
To access the bridge we had to do a bit of walking. We got dropped off around the corner and walked our way up to the bridge.
From the bridge we could see The Statue of Liberty off in the distance, so that saved us a little money.
The wind on top of the bridge was sooooo much.
The walk would definitely be more enjoyable in the summer time. 
Beware + Watch for bikers. It took a while to get our pictures because we had to get out of the way for people making their morning commute (on bikes). 
The view was beautiful!
I'm not sure this is something locals do, but I wouldn't mind riding a bike across the bridge while  exploring the city in the summer.

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