Museum of Ice Cream Miami

July 10, 2018

I visited the Miami "Museum of Ice Cream" when I was in Miami for a medical school interview. 
I'm the Queen of 24-72 hour trips. Anything longer and I start to get bored.
My ticket was $38 which seemed really high to me. 
With all the activities and food samples you get I think $20-25 would have been more reasonable.
I went alone so I was able to work my way through at a realatively quick pace.
There were 4 floors in total.
This place is IG + Blogger Heaven! (EL OH EL) So many cute places to take pictures!
I was lucky enough to have kind strangers offer to take pictures + boomerangs of me!
The mueum wasn't terribly crowded and they keep everybody moving through at a steady pace. 
When I went, I noticed there weren't too many children there, which was weird because I thought there would be a lot of kids there. Maybe it was because I went later in the evening.  
This is a great activity for all age groups!

The Miami location is no longer selling tickets however you can purchase tickets for the New York and San Francisco locations!
Each location looks slightly different so it would be cool to see what other locations have to offer.
If you do visit any of the other locations I suggest purchasing tickets in advance!

Oddly therapeutic.
That's illegal, in all 50 states.

Tastes like sugary milk.

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