Pike Place Market

July 10, 2018

Pike Place Market is a foodie's dream.
There's no shortage of food options! This is definitely a place that would require multiple trips.
I will say, everything was VERY expensive in terms of actual groceries (meat, fish, vegetables and fruits).
Walking through various vendors are passing out free samples and trying to lure you into their booths + restaurants + shops. It can get overwhelming. Just smile and walk fast.
This is the perfect gloomy day activity!
I suggest wearing comfortable walking shoes since there is more than plenty of walking to do!
Much like New York, everyone is on a mission. 
Beware of the fearless + aggressive pigeons!
I hate pigeons so I was walking at an even more accelerated pace.
My favorite thing: One vendor was offering to ship fresh caught crab legs home for me!
I know I always say this, but Seattle was so peaceful.
I hate the rain most days but I could learn to love it for Seattle.

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