Miami Mountain - The Bass

July 29, 2018

As soon as we saw these rocks we knew we wanted a picture. Every day we passed these rocks nobody ever seemed to be around. Which is funny because when we went to take our pictures people swarmed out of nowhere. 

These rocks are the "cousins" of the Seven Magic Mountains I've seen in Nevada. 
(*adds to travel list*)

The mountain was constructed by Swiss artist Ugo Rondinone.
These colorful rocks debuted during Art Basel in 2016.

This was the original museum we planned to visit on our final day in Miami.  It was 1 block away from our hotel and 2 blocks away from the beach. The perfect central location! However, when we went to visit we were told that they're closed on Monday and Tuesdays (what a buzzkill). 

If these rocks are any indication of the type of art The Bass houses, I'll have to make another trip to Miami at some point.

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