Wynwood Walls

July 29, 2018

Free activities = The best activities.
When I travel I write down all the things I want to see, do and eat on that trip.
I also make a section for free activities.
It just makes life easier. That way you can splurge on the things that matter.
*cough* fruity adult beverages and homestyle biscuits with honey butter.

After having brunch at The Morgan's we walked over to Wynwood.
The whole area is full of art. My friend Kendall and I continuously joked that all of Miami is under construction. I can see Wynwood being a very expensive area in the next few years. They're even building an apartment complex 1 block over.

Wynwood reminds me a lot of Atlanta, just a little more quiet + lowkey. We went very early in the morning so most shops were still closed. As we were leaving the actual walls it got VERY crowded. So I'd suggest going in the morning if you're really trying to see everything or take pictures.

My advice:
  • Wear comfy walking shoes. It's not a large exhibit but for that same reason, you'll want to walk around the area and explore more so it's not a waste of a walk or Uber.
  • Dress appropriately for the weather. 95% of the "exhibit" is outside. There's a small air-conditioned gallery at the back but it got crowded quickly.
  • Bring your own water and snacks. There are vendors with carts throughout Wynwood selling ice cream and water but you can imagine how expensive that is.


"Get busy living."

Please, I'm begging you. I said I was going to stop begging folks this year but now I've done it TWICE.

Ehhhh. Live fun Die safe?

Candid pictures come out better than pictures when I'm posing, Always.
So no more effort from me.
Time to be my goofy old self, it works best for me.

The entrance of Wynwood Walls.

Free my homie Dora.

Salvador Dali is one of my favorite artists!

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