Boston Institute of Contemporary Art

August 2, 2018

This room + the Nicholas Nixon exhibit were my favorite parts of this museum.

To be bluntly honest, Boston has been my least favorite trip this year.
The weather was disgusting and there was very little to do. One day I just stayed in bed majority of the day doing homework, listening to music + the rain.
The day that I did go out, I went to 2 museums and the Boston Public library.

The Institute of Contemporary Art had quite a few exhibits under construction. So as you can imagine, there was very little to see.  

My only regret: I didn't do the virtual reality portion. I went pretty early in the afternoon (around noon-ish) and the next open slot was within the 4 pm hour. I'm working on my patience but I didn't feel like waiting around or coming back just to do one thing.

The Brown Sister's Nicholas Nixon exhibit made me teary eyed. I was scared to make it to the end of the exhibit because they're all so much older. Scared because I didn't want to see any pictures missing one of them.  It's crazy to see how much people change but remain the same.
  I really want to do something like this with my sisters. Just make it a habit to take at least one picture per year with them. Life is so fleeting. I wish our sibling group had more pictures of the 4 of us in our "older" years.

All of his photography is beautiful. He has a coffee table book that I'll most like purchase in the future.

Side note: In the first picture shown on this post I sat in that room alone watching a video about Nicholas Nixon. The way he talks about his wife, BeBe = real-life love story. The type of love story you read about in cheesy romance novels.
I love it.  

The gift shop has some pretty cool trinkets. I bought postcards for my friends because they gave me a coupon to compensate for so many exhibits being closed. They gave me the option of a coupon or a free return ticket for a later date. I knew given the option I'm never coming back to Boston so I took the coupon.

The Nicholas Nixon exhibition left in April, so I can't recommend visiting this museum.

If you do go visit, I'd say look online ahead of time to see what the current exhibits are.

I didn't understand the meaning behind this. There was a group of kids surrounding this with sketch pads. Art truly is subjective. I guess it's not for me to understand.

This really captured my attention. Not for some artistic reason, but because it looks like a collection of dryer lint. Like something you'd see on "Hoarders" or "My Strange Addiction".

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