Museum of Fine Arts Boston

August 5, 2018

Forever a sucker for details.
Look how beautiful this still is!

This museum was the highlight of my Boston trip. I literally got lost in here for hours. At closing time I kept circling around the same rooms trying to find a way out.  I love big museums!

When I went there was a very long line just to get inside! I will say, everybody made their way through in an orderly fashion and once inside it didn't seem like that many people were there.

I'm glad I took the time to sit down, listen to the audio portions, do the interactive screen activities, read about the things I was interested in and really just took everything in. 

One thing that did upset me: I thought to myself "If so many original pieces have been extracted from their home countries, what's left behind for the natives or people who want to one day travel and get the "authentic" experience?" As much as I love museums I think there should be a limit on how many pieces can be brought over to the states. Keep it in museums in the home countries if you're going to preserve it.

Major Bonus: I went the first weekend of the month in March and got in for free with my Bank of America card. I need to travel more at the beginning of the month. Set the tone with a positive beginning, ya know?! I strongly recommend going at this time of the month.
 There are few things better than a dope FREE museum.

Fun fact: Takashi Murakami designed Kanye's album art for "Graduation".

I wonder how you get into art restoration. How long does it typically take to restore a piece? Does this require a degree? How many years of training does one need? Who decides what gets restored?

The fact that HUMANS made stone look so realistic blows me. 
Look at all the details! I wonder: was this achieved on the first attempt?

All this for one man. See vanity.
Sidenote: I have never wanted to touch something so bad. I just want to touch it, very quickly, I promise!

I feel like this should be in a church somewhere. I wish I could have gotten a panorama, for dramatic effect, of course. The room wasn't big enough but this was the only thing in there. My "creative eye" failed me this time.

Another fun fact: For my Art Appreciation class I got extra credit for writing about this piece before I took my field trip in March. I was freaking out when I saw it "in the flesh". I thought to myself "THIS IS IN MY TEXTBOOK!!!!"

An original winged scarab from Egypt and a Cartier replica.

*insert another "I've got your nose" joke*

Is it obvious what my favorite exhibit was?

There are few times I've ever been truly speechless.
Standing in this room was one of those times.
They extracted a whole room and put it in a museum. 
That's wild.

I wish I brought my tripod or asked someone to take a picture of me to have a scale of reference for the actual size of this. This thing was ginormous. It's also crazy to think about how the detail has held up for hundreds of years.

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