Friday Favorites #2

August 31, 2018

  1.  Creme of Nature Pure Honey Knot Away Leave-In Detangler : My hair has found her soulmate! I very daringly tried this out before a beach trip. Lucky me, it worked out for my benefit.  When I use this leave-in detangler I notice I have:
  • more defined curls.
  • no crunchy curls.
  • shinier curls.
  • minimal shedding.

I'm typically not satisfied with my wash n go's until day 3 or 4. With this product my wash n go's look amazing from day 1. The price point is unbeatable!  I need to stock up on this before other people peep game. I'm interested to see what kind of results I get when I use this in combination with a braid out or a twist out. My only request: I wish this came in a bigger bottle!

2. Marc Jacobs Beauty Dew Drops Coconut Gel Highlighter : I'd like to thank these Dew Drops for keeping me glowing all summer.  When I wear this I apply it to my décolletage, collarbones, and shoulders. Pro-tip: mix this into your foundation. Use a small amount to avoid looking like The Tin Man. Start small and build up if you need to. Things can get scary fast! A little bit goes a very long way. This is going to last me a long time and I can't wait to glow all winter!

3. Tresemme Two Extra Hold hairspray : The only hairspray I trust when I wear my hair straight! Yes, my curls will be a little crunchy but my curls will last for daaaaays! I need to buy this in a bigger size. Lately, I've been only buying travel sizes of products because I have trust issues. Now that I'm sure this is in it for the long haul I'll commit to a bigger size!

4. Anastasia Beverly Hills Stick Foundation in the Shade: Ebony. In the summer months this is a perfect match for my skin tone! If you're looking for a good matte foundation, look no further! Your pores will look nonexistent; you'll look airbrushed in real life. I was shocked when I filmed the first impression for this foundation stick. When I was purchasing this I was nervous it wouldn't work out, even though it says it's matte.  I have very oily skin, so I'm willing to try anything matte two or three times.  For best results: pair with a matte primer! When I don't use a matte primer I look like I've been swimming in cooking oil, but only in my T-zone. I recommend this for formal functions and pictures, however, not a foundation I would wear every day! My only request: I wish this came in a bigger tube or was sold at a lower price point for how much product is given.

5. Level Naturals Organic Menthol + Lavender shower bombs: These are a Godsend! I'm down to my last shower bomb and I'm debating if I want to use it today or save it for after my exam next week Thursday. Important decisions.  The individual bomb lasts for a very long time so plan for a long relaxing shower.  I use these before bed because the strong smell of the menthol helps me fall asleep quickly. Think Vicks Vapor Rub sans the rubbing on your chest and on your upper lip. For best results, I suggest using this with very hot water.

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