Griffith Observatory

August 30, 2018

*All of The Lights* plays in the background.

The greatest free activity of all time!
You do have to pay for parking but it's reasonable.
We were lucky enough to find a spot in the actual parking lot.
Many people parked their car along the hill for free and walked to the observatory.
The place is not well lit (so you can see the stars better) so proceed with caution. 

I suggest going well before sunset and then waiting until the sun completely sets.
They actually list the daily sunset time on their website so you can check before heading over for the day/evening.
LA looks beautiful at any time of the day at that altitude. 
I remember saying something along the lines of "I can imagine a lot of people get engaged here"
*rolls eyes at self*
This place is definitely date night approved in my book.
*makes the "ok" hand signal*
Also good for a solo or a kid-friendly outing.

Right outside of the observatory they had a telescope on display. It was already set up and you were able to look at the moon.
I've said it before but technology is insane, in the best way possible. 

Inside the observatory, there were various science and history exhibits. 
All things you could quickly read about and walk through.
There were even a few interactive portions.
My inner child was rejoicing.

This is definitely somewhere I'd go visit on every trip to LA.
It's free, so why not?
Spend some time, get "lost", take in the views, and take lots of pictures!

The view walking up to the observatory!

There were people hiking/walking on trails in what looked like a park at the bottom of the hill...mountain?

I know I say I love a lot of pictures "so much" but this picture is a good one.
When I look at this picture I remember eating snickerdoodle cookies + strawberry ice cream at Diddy Riese, driving past the real La Cienega Blvd, People watching at Venice Beach, Walking through the cutest farmer's market and then having the best Korean BBQ for dinner, Trying Roscoe's, going to The Broad two days in a row to see one exhibit (and still not seeing it) and  excitedly watching someone experience In N Out for the first time, knowing it doesn't live up to the hype but not wanting to ruin it for them.
LA is a fun place.
I suggest going for 1-week minimum.

Pretty decent view of the Hollywood sign from the Observatory.

Not sure what I was pointing at but if I had to guess, I was probably saying "look how little that looks!"*in an excited little kid voice*

I think I'm going to try to get this printed on canvas and hang it over my bed.
This and other cityscapes.
Seattle, LA and NYC?
*heads to Pinterest for bedroom decor inspo*

Blurry, but I like it.

A real-life periodic table of elements

Light pollution has never looked so beautiful!

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