The Morgans

August 1, 2018

The chicken and waffles world tour may be coming to a close soon.
I'm still debating about it.

We opted to sit outside because it was a beautiful humid Miami morning.
The service was extremely quick and everyone was friendly.
A fly flew into my mimosa, not their fault, but they were so apologetic!

I was torn between two things:
  • The Brioche French Toast
  • The Chicken and Waffle Sandwich
As you probably guessed, I ordered the chicken and waffles.
Side note: Brioche bread is perfect for French toast!
I ordered a mimosa because, why not! I'm not a fan of pulp in orange juice but it wasn't a big deal!
Their orange juice:champagne ratio is perfect.

The waffle sandwiches looked amazing but tasted bland.
The chicken just tasted like it was breaded. It needed some extra seasoning, eggs, bacon or a special sauce, SOMETHING!
There was provolone cheese on the sandwich but it just needed a little something more.
The waffles were very good!
Whatever batter they used for this, I could imagine it would make wonderful pancakes!
The waffles were fluffy and the perfect amount of sweet.
I was only able to eat 2 pieces while we were out before I felt full. I ended up eating the rest of my meal on our second to last morning in Miami.

Overall, I wouldn't order this again. In my travels, I've learned that not all chicken and waffles are created equal. If anything, on my next trip I'd order something else on the menu with a side of waffles.

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