OOTD #15: Better In Black

August 1, 2018

Nigeria Forever.
Wakanda Forever.
America Never.
Kidding, kind of.

This was the outfit I wore to see Black Panther. Originally I was going to wear traditional and really show out for the culture. However, I had a Microbiology lab immediately before my friends and I planned our outing. In short: It would have required entirely too much effort to bring a change pair of clothes so I just wore this in order to comply with lab dress code.

My only regret: We didn't get a group picture.

The movie was phenomenal! I was so excited because I was able to explain certain parts of the movie to my friends who haven't watched The Avengers. I'm not a superhero aficionado, but I know a little something. *dusts shoulders*

Outfit details:
  • Hat - purchase a similar one here!
  • Jeans -purchase here!
  • Boots - purchase similar boots here! These are on SUPER sale! Under $40
  • Bookbag - purchase here!

Forever laughing in pictures. My friends really are that funny.

This jean jacket is a favorite of mine! But don't tell anyone it's thrifted from the men's section.

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