Friday Favorites #3

September 7, 2018

  1. SmashBox Photo Finish Primer Water - This is a multifunctional product! I use it to prime my face and also to set my makeup. This really makes my highlighter pop. After I set my make-up with this, while it's still in the process of drying I blot my highlighter with a beauty blender and wahlah, I look like a chocolate glazed donut. You can be as generous or as gentle when applying this. I'll be honest, most days I get carried away when spraying this on. I prefer this as my setting spray in the dryer + cooler months because it adds moisture back to my skin.
  2. TGIN Butter Cream Daily Moisturizer - I use this to 1)Slick down my buns 2)refresh my curls after a bun. Make sure your hair is thoroughly detangled and that you have a boar bristle brush on hand to slick your hair down.  This works better than edge control for me. I've never seen my bun get so slick; Just think of the most perfectly round milk dud. This product is THICC, no typo. I've yet to try this on a twist out. I like the definition it gives my individual curls, however, I feel like it may weigh my curls down when styling a twist/braid out. The only downside: This leaves your curls slightly crunchy.
  3. Burt's Bees Miscellar Cleansing Towelettes -  I think these are the best Burt's Bee's wipes I've tried. They don't have that strong perfume smell (my sensitive skin is grateful for that). The wipes are on a mild exfoliating fabric. Exfoliation is key. Anytime I don't give my face a good scrub down I breakout. Mix no exfoliation + wearing makeup and now you have clogged pore city. When I use these I don't feel guilty for using them on regular days. Regular days - any day I don't wear makeup, so almost every day.
  4. T.N. Dickinson's Witch Hazel -  This is another staple in my morning and evening skincare routine. I pour it on a cotton round and proceed to wipe my face.  Witch Hazel decreases any redness around existing pimples and quickly clears up any existing breakouts. This is phenomenal because I'm trying so desperately to stop popping my pimples and reduce any existing acne scars. #clearskingang The best part: whether you buy this brand or another brand Witch Hazel is fairly cheap and should run you under $5.
  5. Derma E Purifying Daily Detox Scrub - I've come to the conclusion that my skin loves charcoal products, which is great! I will say, this does cause me to break out. Maybe 1 or 2 small pimples here or there but nothing serious; Charcoal is known for pulling out all the impurities in the skin. I use this on a daily basis whenever I shower! The exfoliating pieces aren't too abrasive and my skin actually feels clean. There's nothing worse than a face wash that leaves your face still feeling dirty. I've used sensitive skin products and my skin is left feeling like it has a greasy film on it. 

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