OOTD #18: Anything is possible with sunshine and a little pink.

September 7, 2018

I now understand why everyone makes jokes + actually wears linen in Miami. It's hot. In fact, it's hotter than hot. To add insult to injury, Miami is hot and humid. I will say, I'd rather be hot than cold. 

 This linen-esque jumpsuit saved me.  If you're a recovering "over packer" like me, jumpsuits are your best friend. It's a whole outfit sewn together. One piece of fabric. One and done. 
I need to stop playing games and buy jumpsuits for every season.

I wore this jumpsuit to dinner one evening and I'm glad I wore it when I did. Seeing that it was still bright outside we decided to walk + have "girl chat". The few times we did feel a breeze I was extremely grateful!

You can dress this up with a simple change of shoes! Because it was a very casual dinner I opted to wear simple sandals. 

It's very hard to find pants and jumpsuits that properly fit my tall skinny-ish athletic"frame". I like that you can adjust the bust portion to your own comfort, the waist was nice and snug and most important: my butt looked great!

Bonus: It has pockets! 

Find my jumpsuit here!

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