Public School 404

September 14, 2018

I just realized this week that I lucked out with my apartment location. There are a ridiculous amount of restaurants within reasonable (less than 5 minutes) walking distance of my apartment. Anytime I don't have to drive or pay for parking in Atlanta, I'm happy. 

 Yesterday I had a PathoPharm exam and planned to go out to dinner after to celebrate! Originally my friends and I planned to eat at Bartaco but I want to experience as much food this city has to offer before graduation so we opted to try somewhere new!

Following the theme of the name, the interior of the restaurant is decorated with all types of school paraphernalia. Public School is a chain of restaurants and the number varies based on that location's area code. 

What I ordered:

  • Crushed velvet - This is what danger tastes like. Our server described this as a blueberry + blackberry Moscow Mule and said: "be careful, it sneaks up on you!" To me, it tasted like blueberry sprite! I approve, all the way!
  • Beer battered fish and chips - I feel like I picked the safe route. I wanted to try something new instead of ordering something I can get at almost any Atlanta restaurant. Most of the breading ended up peeling off. I wish the cod was seasoned more; it was too fishy for me. You can never go wrong with french fries! The honey sriracha ketchup is actually what dreams are made of. Fun fact: I had never had sriracha until last night. I always assumed it was nasty. Spoiler alert: It's not.
Bonus: Discounted drinks and appetizers Monday - Friday from 3-6. We split calamari at the table and this was the best calamari I've ever had. It was perfectly crispy and wasn't chewy at all. The calamari came with two dipping sauce options: a creamy lime sauce and a buttery lemon sauce. I preferred the lemon sauce but I couldn't stop eating the creamy lime sauce. It was one of those situations where I had to keep eating it to see if I liked it. I'm still undecided.  

Yesterday's Curriculum!
I was torn between millions of peaches and the crushed velvet.
Our server said that "Millions of Peaches" is another option for someone who wants to drink but wants it to taste like juice. 

All the dinner options! The gravy is the only thing that kept me from ordering the chicken and waffles.

Taking it back to the days of passing notes! This is juvenile but very cute!

Random but related: those jumbo erasers are the best + most underrated erasers.

The dinner menu!

Overall, it was a nice post exam dinner. My girlfriends and I have already planned to return and order a bunch of appetizers + dinner.  My meal was ok but nothing to write home about. I'll definitely give it another shot and try something different before I make a definitive decision that it's not that great. It's a cute restaurant though!

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