October 28, 2018

This was supposed to be a celebratory dinner, however, the menu fell through. Before going to a new restaurant I investigate 3 things:
  • Yelp Reviews
  • The menu
  • Their Instagram + pictures people have posted while at the restaurant so I can get a real depiction of the food. 
I was pretty disappointed once I saw the dinner menu. They have more cocktail options than meal options. 

What I ordered:
  • Bocado Burger Stack -your standard burger with American cheese and house-made fries. I opted to add lettuce, tomato and pickles with their "Boss sauce" on the side.
The burger was very juicy and the cheese tasted sharp (I'm trying to add some variety here since I feel like "fresh" is my favorite word when talking about food.). It's always nice when you can taste the difference in your meal when fresh ingredients are used! Homemade fries have to be my favorite "genre" of fries. I'm not sure why, but burnt potato skin taste is really good to me.

When eating the burger I'd definitely suggest cutting it up to avoid it falling apart all over your plate!

Drink options:
None of the drinks really jumped out at me so I decided to pass.

This is their "Boss Sauce" which our waitress described as being their own house thousand island blend. It reminded of IN-N-OUT sauce, just not as "zesty"/tart. I didn't really care for it on my fries but I didn't mind it on my burger.

Overall, I probably won't come back due to the limited menu and not really seeing the wow factor. I didn't hate it but I feel like you can find a good burger just about anywhere. 

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