Heirloom Market BBQ

October 28, 2018

The full spread:

I've been craving good BBQ for over a year now. 
So after a friend raved about Heirloom Market BBQ I decided to give it a chance. 
Driving up I was VERY skeptical, but let me tell you, I love a good hole in the wall. 
Located off Akers Mill Road attached to what looks like a convenience store, Heirloom Market BBQ is a quaint little BBQ shack.

Confession time: When I was in Texas I didn't try any BBQ. Shameful, I know, but an excuse to go back. Houston next time.

I arrived 20 minutes prior to closing so I had to grab my food to go! I got my food in less than 10 minutes and everything was hot + freshly made!

What I ordered:
  • 1/2 rack of ribs - comes with 2 sides.  The ribs were so tender and well seasoned. You could honestly eat them without any sauce! There's a good amount of meat on the bones as well. I hate scrawny ribs. 
  • 2 sides: macaroni and cheese and baked beans. 
  • The ribs also came with a toasted burger bun and pickles. 
  • 2 Sauces: Kitchen and Korean - I didn't try the Kitchen sauce but I was told it's very spicy. The Korean sauce was a good blend of spicy and sweet. It's not a thick sauce but I didn't mind. Next time I'll probably get double of this.
  • Drink: Lemonade. They also had classic sodas in glass bottles.

The exterior!

The Menu!

The ribs!

This Mac & Cheese was DIVINE! 
Slightly spicy and very creamy. 
It almost tastes like the baked macaroni we make during the holidays but with different cheeses.
I'm a fan! I should have gotten double mac for my sides.
Next time!

Their baked beans were pretty good! I'm assuming it's shredded pork mixed in. The fresh onion taste wasn't my favorite but wasn't too overpowering + didn't keep me from enjoying.

You can't see it but there are 9 individual ribs. I was only able to eat 4 in one sitting + a few bites of baked beans+ toast and the whole container of mac & cheese.

I didn't even think about this until now but you could take the meat off the ribs, add the pickles and make this into a sandwich.

Overall, I'm definitely going back to try more yummy menu options. Nothing makes me happier than good food. They give you a hefty amount of food that is well worth the price. This was 2 meals for me but I could see myself splitting this with someone in the future! This is definitely a place you take a friend or date (that can throw down on some food as well) and sample a variety of menu options!

*adds to The List - places to take people I love.*

Texas + Korea + Georgia
This is really cute!
 I usually throw Koozies away but I think I'll keep this one.

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