Fuzzy's Taco Shop

October 21, 2018

Located right at the edge of Downtown Athens, Fuzzy's is hands down one of my favorite places to eat in Athens. I'm always so happy to see it whenever I visit because many restaurants come and go in Athens. While at a Nursing convention, in between focus sessions, speeches and The House of Delegates, one of my classmates and I found time to cut away for a quick lunch break! Fuzzy's was less than 5 minutes away from our hotel and the convention center + there was no driving involved so it made the most sense.

What I ordered:
  • Baja grilled shrimp tacos (5) - grilled shrimp on a soft corn tortilla, garlic sauce, lettuce, tomatoes, shredded cheese, feta cheese, and cilantro.

Unpopular opinion: I looooove cilantro! This taco is really simple but everything tastes so good together! I think it's the garlic sauce that takes it to another level. Fuzzy's helped me realize my love for corn tortillas as well. I can't go back to the basic life of flour tortillas.

The interior

The menu

Read as: "Spicy ass sauce" Why would anyone consume this? Hot sauce in a corona bottle.  These days I try to avoid all compromising + potentially dangerous situations. This looked very dangerous. My friends said it was tasty.

What my classmate ordered: The fajita beef burrito bowl.  She wasn't able to finish all her food but she did say, "this is way better than chipotle." I wasn't offended simply for the fact that Chipotle doesn't have shrimp tacos.

I wish that the tacos were cheaper. Everything is made to order and very fresh! I will say, they give you SO MUCH MEAT which is rare in most places! It takes 5-6 tacos for me to be full, even with a drink. 5-6 tacos adds up too quickly. The wait was pretty long even though the restaurant was fairly empty. I'd say order ahead especially if you're ridiculously hungry. Overall, Fuzzy's is great for a light lunch or dinner. They also have the best $5 frozen margaritas. I made one more visit the last night of the convention and ended up splitting  + sampling food with a few of my classmates.

Definitely check out Fuzzy's if you're ever in the Athens, GA area!

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