Nursing School : Week 9

October 21, 2018

  • 5 weeks. Nothing more needs to be said, until next week.
  • Sleep debt is real. Falling asleep sitting up at my computer typing is my latest party trick. 
  • "There's more than one way to cook a chicken."
  • This week showed me that I am an overachiever and that's nothing to be ashamed of! Just have to be a little more gracious with myself.
  • Picture books and mnemonics are my best friends! I retain so much more when I have something silly to remind me.
  • My weird thing of the week: wondering what life would have been like had I gone to a different nursing school. Can't give that too much thought. Social media is a highlight reel. The grass is green where you water it. 
  • This week has been one of the best weeks of nursing school thus far. I went to my first professional convention and although I wasn't able to do a lot of school work I still got the crucial things done. Bonus that I got to look cute for 3 days in a row. Super duper bonus: I got to meet some cool people from DIFFERENT SCHOOLS + hang out with all kinds of cool peeps in the senior cohort and in my cohort. Meeting new people makes me happy, in case you can't tell. Georgia is small. 1-2 degrees of separation small. So it's refreshing to meet a wide variety of new people. 

  • Talking to a peer at convention: "Nursing students are the loudest people." Me:

    • Image result for who said that gif

    • This week we also did our initial walk through + orientation at our hospital clinical facility. I need to Amazon prime so many supplies in order to prepare myself. I'm not necessarily nervous. I've been a tech before and I've survived being left with 27 patients. I'm confident I can handle a 6 hour clinical shift!
    • new theory: set time limits for work. Example: I tap out of studying Patho after about 30ish minutes. 45 minutes MAX. After that time is up, move on to something else. That way I can rotate through all of the material in one day. Be more productive. Even if I only look at my notes for  NUR 303 for 2 hours on any given day, I still looked at them. Repititon helps. 
    • UTILIZE YOUR RESOURCES! The Center for Nursing Excellence is about to be my 3rd home. My second home is the library.
    • Hot showers are free therapy. Quite hot showers. Hot showers where I pretend I can sing. Hot showers where you recite all the steps of the physical assessment.  They're all good in my book.
    • Speaking of physical assessments, I can now give them because I'm VALIDATED! Only one more validation remaining on vital signs!
    • Seniors are already warning me about 2nd semester. Fabulous. I'm just trying to finish this semester sane. I'll wory about that in 5 weeks. 
    • One of my friends was making jokes and said I'm in a serious relationship with nursing school because almost every night I fall asleep with books, notecards, some form of WORK on one side of my bed.
      *shakes head from disapproval* Nursing school is the needy boyfriend I never had. I need some reciprocity from this relationship. It's not looking too good for me though.
    Image result for laughing gif
    • Shoutout to all of my undergrad friends that text + call me and help me study by letting me teach them about nursing school stuff. That's love!
    • In terms of nursing school "self-care" I'm going to start a winter break reading list. I've been slacking unfortunately, but for a good reason. Hopfully I can meet my goal before the year is over!
    Happy Sunday!

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