Georgia Association of Nursing Student 66th Annual Convention

November 27, 2018

I had the opportunity to attend the 66th state annual convention in Athens, GA this year. It was my first professional convention and it was an added bonus to show my nursing school friends around Athens. I decided to run for state board office for the position of 2nd Vice President and I was elected to the position of 1st Vice President.

My campaign slogan:
"If you want a beast like Goku, Vote for Njoku."

In between running around at the convention, I got to attend some great breakout sessions. My favorite 2: Stop the bleed trauma certification and the CRNA discussion panel.

Just a few pictures from that weekend:

Fully committed to my slogan + theme!
I have way too many stickers + packs of candy left over.

Meet the candidates!
Shaking lots of hands and trying to convince nursing students from all over the state to vote for me.

Photobooth props I made!

Favorite emoji!

Power in the point!

More photobooth props!

Long live mirror selfies + blue pantsuits!

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