Guy Fieri's Smokehouse Louisville

November 12, 2018

What I ordered:
Bacon Mac N Cheese Burger -smoked baconcrispy onion, six cheese mac n cheeseLTOPsuper melty cheese sauce, and donkey sauceall stacked on a garlic-buttered brioche bun.

  I wish there was more macaroni on the burger. For whatever reason, I was expecting some sloppy burger with mac n cheese everywhere. Kind of like the burgers you see on IG or Tumblr. I didn't even realize there was mac n cheese on the burger until one of my friends opened her own burger looking for it. That's how not cheesy the burger was. The burger was good, but it wasn't anything outstanding. Donkey sauce was described as being mayo mixed with Worcestershire sauce. For this to be a "secret" sauce I wasn't wowed by it. I really loved the fries! Fries of all shapes and sizes, traditional fries, chips, and waffle fries. I don't know what they use for fry seasoning but it's phenomenal! 

Part of the menu!

Overall it was a decent experience but nothing earth-shattering. I'm willing them to cut them some slack because their heat had just gone out before we walked in. I just had such high expectations because it's a celebrity's restaurant. If I ever find myself in Louisville again I'll definitely give it one more try and get my first choice of the American Royal Ribs and hopefully be able to split it with someone. 

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