Jim Beam Urban Stillhouse

November 12, 2018

I was recently in Louisville for a convention and had a little extra time before my flight to explore the city. 
Did you even go to Kentucky if you don't try Kentucky Bourbon?

Initially, I was just going to buy a bottle and call it a day but then the cashier told my friend and me:
  1. You can bottle your own bourbon for no extra cost.
  2. You can't buy this bourbon anywhere else in the world.  (I investigated, so far I haven't found anything!)
  3. "You can sample it!" It was very "smooth". I took his advice and sipped it slowly to taste the full flavor.

Naked bottle! I wrote the date it was bottle + the lot number.
For whatever reason, when you try to write something perfect, you always mess up.

I feel like I should have put the seal + ribbon lower.
*eye twitch*

Sanitizing the bottle to remove any dust from the inside.

100 proof bourbon sanitizer.


Bottle it up!

Cheesing soooo hard!
"I made dis!"

Seal it!

En route to the register!

It was a fun experience! I'm still debating when I'll open my bottle. Probably at graduation!

In addition to bottling your own "rare" bourbon, they also offer tours. We were pressed for time before our flight so we didn't have a chance to participate in a tour. 
If you're ever in Louisville, definitely check out The Urban Stillhouse!

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