OOTD #25: In Living Color

November 4, 2018

Fun fact: When I worked retail I HATED anything fringe. I couldn't escape it, it was borderline traumatizing. 

One day I was online shopping for a mix of winter and spring items. I came across this top and it peaked my interest. My fashion profile: simple fun things.  Every store needs to have an online tab or a section in their stores labeled" Simple Fun Things." If you see it in the near future, just remember, you heard it here first.

It was honestly the sleeves that got me. This top has a subtle bell sleeve and I live for a good bell sleeve top. In all honestly, if the fringe had been placed anywhere else I would have hated this top.

The top is very light and perfect for all the hot humid days of summer!

The girl who hated fringe with a passion, hates it no more. Funny how that seems to work out!
Find my top here!

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