Nursing School: Week 11

November 6, 2018

  • Clinical week 2 - This week I was paired with a CNA. Didn't see a patient until the last hour of my shift. Fortunately, I was able to construct a detailed chart and care plans. My patient had a lot of comorbidities so I was able to get a good generalized and focused physical assessment. Care plans are annoying only because they're tedious.
  • Hey Alexa, play "Sicko Mode" - We had our first and only research paper of the semester due this week and I wrote it in 2 hours. I like writing but I hate formal writing assignments. Thankfully our professor gave us 20 topics to choose from. I'm grateful for the library and the writing tutors that proofread your paper and send it back with corrections. I made such a big deal post-UGA degree about not feeling like I utilized all the resources that were available to me. Definitely not making that mistake again. 
  • Going home to visit parents = No work gets done. At this point, it's comedy that I even bring homework with me. It's like I bring it for weight training or decoration. 
  • Had my first advising appointment - 3 classes next semester rather than 4 but I'm still at 16 hours.
-The Older Adult
-Mental Health
  • This week was full of post-graduation talk. Initially, I was looking at people like they were crazy but then I realized that this semester basically evaporated and graduation is much closer than I think.
  • I wish this semester ended the Friday we get out for November break. Once we come back it the equivalent of Nursing school purgatory. Awkward waiting and optional review sessions until finals.
  • I've decided that any celebration of good things that have happened this semester will have to take place after the semester is over. Nk thoughts: "I can't go out and have a good meal with good wine because then I'll get the itis. I can't get the itis because I have entirely too much to do." 
  • Things I will always make time for no matter how jam-packed my schedule is + no matter how much homework I have: Dinner + Brunch dates with friends. They talk me out of making emotional irrational decisions.  They also make me belly laugh to the point of tears + get excited to hear all my school stories. That's love. 

A pretty chill week, overall. 
Happy Wednesday!

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