Queen of Cream

December 20, 2018

You might be wondering: "who eats ice cream in the middle of December?"

The same girl who goes to Seattle and gets excited to eat Vegan ice cream in 30 degree weather. That's who.

I have zero self control when it comes to donuts so I made the executive decision to treat myself to ice cream. Seeing how I've already tried out Jeni's I decided to visit Queen of Cream.

Queen of Cream is located near Old 4th Ward, in the gentrified side of town in the newly renovated residential part of town. 

The shop was quiet and empty when I was visited. As with any ice cream shop, I was able to sample a few flavors before I ordered. Looking back I didn't even see the gingerbread cookie dough flavor. That would have been my top +only  pick. They had a good bit of seasonal and eclectic flavors. 

One flavor that stood out to me was "|brandied eggnog". I've never tried eggnog and was told "it's an acquired taste." I didn't think it was an appropriate time to experiment. 

Flavors I chose:
  1. Lavender honeycomb -  I couldn't taste the lavender. It was more of a vanilla + honey + caramel flavor. Nothing to write home about. Probably would have liked this with some type of chocolate or apple chunks. 
  2. White chocolate currents + cranberries - this was another "ok" flavor. I normally hate white chocolate. I couldn't taste the white chocolate - it was basically another vanilla flavor. The cranberries were suuuuper tart. I wish the cranberries were more evenly distributed throughout the ice cream. They were heavily concentrated in one clump that I ended up eating around. It says currents but I think they meant currants...like raisins. Either way, I didn't taste them. 
Overall, these flavors were ok. There was nothing sensational about it. It appears that they have more unique flavors to choose from in the summer months. Maybe I'll give this another try in the summer. I'm open to trying anything twice.

Their logo on the front door.

Some of the flavors.

A huge chunk of frozen cranberries at the bottom of my cone. 

The interior.

More flavors! That black flavor is some type of coconut. While this would have been an aesthetically pleasing IG picture, I hate coconut and I'm not a fan of wasting money. 

The main dining area.

The outside of the building.

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